Hello, my name is Jennifer and I'm here to instruct you on how to use the EnMed Covid-19 blood spot collection packet and properly collect blood to measure markers for the disease all from the privacy of your own home. Before starting, make sure you have 20 minutes of uninterrupted time to complete this process. Later in this video we will show you each step of the blood collection process before you collect any spots on your own. If at any point you need to listen to a step again, please pause the video and replay this step. You can also refer back to your instruction sheet included in this kit for more details. Before you start find a clean open space to lay out all of your materials Included in the kit are an instruction card, an antibody information card, a white requisition form with a barcode, a yellow results form with the barcode, and a blood specimen card with a barcode. Be sure all three barcodes match. Also included are two sterile alcohol prep pads, two gauze pads, and two safety lancets. Lancets are the needles that prick your finger to obtain blood but don't worry the needle is very small. The kit also contains a bandage, a plastic bag, and a desiccant to ensure the specimen remains dry. A prepaid pre-addressed return envelope is also enclosed to send the blood specimen cards directly back to us. You will need a pen to fill out the blood spot collection card and additional forms in the kit.

Now you're ready to begin.

Open your kit and layout all of the contents on an open flat surface, remember you will need a pen to fill out the card and forms. Find the instruction card and please read it thoroughly as it contains important information not included in this video. Pause the video now and read all of the instructions written on the card. Once you have read the instruction card thoroughly use your pen to write the date and time on your collection card. Fold the card back so the circles lay flat on the surface being careful not to touch the collection card with your fingers.

Next, wash your hands with soap and very warm but not hot water and dry your hands with a clean towel. Washing your hands is important to stimulate blood flow to your fingertips.

Next, choose a finger to prick on your non-dominant hand that is either the ring or middle finger. Select an area on the side of the fingertip to prick avoiding callous areas of the finger. After you've chosen where you'll prick your finger pull the cap off of the safety lancet and wipe the tip of the finger that you chose with an alcohol wipe. After, place your hand on a flat surface and place the tip of the safety lancet against your fingertip. Press the tip of the end of the lancet against your fingertip until you hear a click, wipe the first spot of blood away with a gauze pad. To continue blood flow squeeze from the bottom of the finger to the top. If you are having a difficult time getting enough blood flow, try standing up and shaking your hand below your waist. Once a large drop of blood is formed, allow the drop of blood to fall inside the collection circle on the blood collection card. Remember, don't touch the collection card with your finger as it could contaminate the final results. The blood needs to fill most of the collection circle.

If one of your spots is too small that's okay, just to move on to the next collection circle, do not put multiple drops of blood in one circle. Once you have filled three circles with a drop of blood use your second gauze pad to wipe the blood off your finger and apply a bandage when you're finished. Dispose of the safety lancets, alcohol wipes, and gauze pads in the trash. Close the blood-spot specimen card and place it in the plastic bag with the desiccant. Double-check the barcode on the blood specimen card to ensure it matches the barcode on the yellow form. Keep the yellow form for your records as this is how you will obtain your results on-line at coronavirustestreport.com.

Finally, place the plastic bag and the white requisition form in the pre-addressed envelope that has an EnMed label on the front.

Be sure to mail the envelope within 24 hours of collection